According to the unofficial data there are more then 130,000 persons with various physical disabilities in Georgia. About 10,000 people with upper or lower limb amputations or functional disorders are registered at the Georgian Foundation For Prosthetic Orthopedic Rehabilitation (GEFPOR). War related accidents had been as a main reason for amputations during the 1990-s, but at present the same is a reason in 17% of cases. 10% of amputees are victims of land mine explosions. Major part of amputations (54%) is caused by various diseases like diabetes, vascular diseases and others. In 28% of cases reason is trauma due to a road/train and other accidents. Among registered patients 16% are women. Three are 1623 patients under age of 15. Most of them are with congenital diseases like cerebral palsy, structural or functional skeletal deformities (scoliosis, club foot..), poliomyelitis, etc.


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